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What is Artopiatogo?

Artopiatogo is about bringing art to more people and bringing more people together through art. As a company, we are dedicated to offering innovative services that provide meaningful experiences to our students and guests in a variety of settings. 


Want to create an unforgettable art-focused private group event, such as a themed birthday party, school-function, team building, or an uncorked friends paint night? We've got your back!

Looking for ways to provide enrichment for your child? We offer experience-based art classes in two formats:  Virtual Studio Bundle Kits and In-Person Studio. Registration for these classes includes materials. 

Why Artopiatogo?

Our Program is Designed to Promote Personal Growth in Students of All Ages

 the Courage to Take Creative Risks

The structuring of the Artopiatogo learning process encourages kids to embrace risk-taking and "mistakes" as opportunities.

 Making independent creative choices helps children become great at problem-solving

The Importance of Self-Expression

Creative work encourages children to process and explore emotions. Our classes are geared to honor every student's journey of learning how to express themselves. Our goal is to help students discover the power of listening to the artist within. 

 Deeper Understanding through Practice

We encourage students to develop a foundational understanding of the art processes by breaking concepts into easy to manage, hands-on exercises that isolate specific skills. Understanding HOW the process works builds confidence and supports creative freedom

Interpersonal Skills + Respectful Communication

Whether in-person or in a zoom open house meeting, we want children to interact and engage with each other!  These opportunities to share and discuss their work and listen to others share about their work develops respectful interpersonal awareness. 

Learning to ask Questions

We strive for a learning atmosphere that is focused on exploration and celebrates asking questions. Our support allows children to learn about how to ask questions effectively and confidence, which sets them up to become advocates for themselves and their ideas

About Me

  • Native Houstonian

  • B.A. Hendrix College (2010)

  • M.Ed. Loyola Maryland (2018)

  • Montessori Trained Teacher at the Elementary Level (AMI Diploma) 

  • Self-taught artist currently exploring acrylic, alcohol ink, upcycled projects, and fiber arts

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