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Meet Artopiatogo

Artopiatogo was born out of the experiences I had working in Montessori education. As I spent more time working closely with children, I witnessed a remarkable number of cases in which engaging in art had a profound effect on a child's development. There was something powerful happening when the child had access to developmentally suitable guidance for creative self-expression.

I began to notice the need for self-expression in teens and adults, too.  Unfortunately, with this age group, I began to realize how many people experience creative anxiety. I have listened as many of my peers and elders, people typically confident in other aspects of their life, have balked at the invitation to make art. "Me? Creative??" "Oh, no..not happening!" I have heard this often...

As a self-taught artist, I believe that each of us has a unique vision that can come to life with the right support and attitude. The Mission of Artopiatogo is to provide exceptional, engaging, and empowering art experiences in a variety of mediums. With our combination of virtual and mobile studios, we aim to bring the studio experience to the greater community, including you-- yes, YOU! 

At Artopiatogo we invite you to discover, develop, and share your unique creative abilities in our welcoming and inspiring environment. 

I look forward to helping you discover YOUR art!