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Where do I get supplies for the classes?

Shortly after registering for a drop-in Maker Challenge class, you will receive an email with a list of general suggested materials. Part of the fun for the Maker Challenge class is that the child has to problem-solve to bring their art to life. We do offer a Starter Pack ($30) with general supplies that should last one student for about a month's worth of classes. When you register for our Live Studio Bundle Subscription, your child receives the Live Studio Supply Kit at no additional cost. The Live Studio Supply Kit includes all the materials required for each of the four designated projects we cover in the four weeks of class. The materials for each project are organized into a pouch and labeled to make set up a breeze.

Should I supervise my kid while he/she is participating?

While this experience will certainly engage your child's attention, please remember that we are remote. As such, the expectation is for at least one adult to be in close proximity to the child while he/she is participating in class. Because the child will be engaged with the lesson and interacting with friends, the adult will have the ability to work as needed during the class.

What if siblings want to join in but they are not registered?

Siblings are welcome to join in the fun as long as they understand that they will not receive direct instruction if they have not been registered for the class. In this instance, we happily encourage them to wave to the other kids in the class from the background. We offer a discounted sibling rate of $15.

Is it safe for my kid to be in this video conference?

We strive to create an environment based on respect, independence, creativity and FUN. The videoconferencing platfrom we use offers "breakout rooms" that we will use in case of any behavioral issues or otherwise. This feature allows us to immediately redirect the virtual gathering to another room if something were to come up. We have made thoughtful choices about the measures put in place to protect participants as well as the personal data on whatever device they use for the class.