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Mixed Material Geometric Shapes

Custom Acrylic Paintings 

that Support Art at 
Harvard Elementary

Artopiatogo loves working with our neighborhood school, Harvard Elementary! Our founder, Megan, is excited to offer a limited series of special pieces with a portion of the proceeds going directly to support arts education opportunities at the school. On this page, you can RESERVE your in-person art experience at the Color Ball (see "75-75") or purchase a larger piece that will be completed in the studio. 

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"75-75" - Harvard Series

10 x 10 custom acrylic 

on deep gallery canvas

You can own an original piece of art from a Heights artist when you purchase one of these beautiful works. Artopiatogo will donate 75% of the $75 price tag directly to Harvard Elementary. This series will be limited to 24 pieces. Your purchase can help us raise up to $1,350 for the school! 

How It Works

Think of it like a badass snow-cone truck  but for a custom piece of art. To honor the theme of COLOR, you will have the opportunity to learn about color theory before selecting your own color scheme (available colors pictured to the right). I will prepare your piece during the event-- you can watch if you want! It takes 2 days to cure, then I will varnish it to preserve it and maintain the colors with professional grade materials. The varnish takes another 2 days to dry fully. You may come pick up, or I offer FREE local delivery (within 5 miles of studio) and $15 delivery otherwise. 

liquitex color chart_edited.jpg

But WAIT, There's More!

Commission a Large Piece, Support Harvard

Want a truly phenomenal, room-defining piece for your home? I will work with you to develop a large piece with acrylic, mixed media, and/or alcohol ink. 25% of the proceeds will go to Harvard. 


2 x 2 ft - $250

2 x 4 ft. - $500

3 x 5ft - $750

 Want a bigger size? Ask me!

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